2015 finalists / Sebastian Kite

  • Sebastian Kite / Relay 'A Leap In The Dark', 2011, Suspended custom steel frame, 10x 1kw lights, 10x steel trigger foor plates, custom electronics, 4x loudspeakers, 12tonnes gravel

  • Sebastian Kite / Chamber, 2014, 600 1l glass bottles, custom steel frame incl springs and fixtures, 1.5m d spun steel dish, 30x flourescent light, 5.1 surround sound

  • Sebastian Kite / Panoptic, 2012, 3x varible reflective discs, heatshrink foil, custom aluminium frame, motors, tensile cable, suspended steel viewfinder, steel bed

  • Sebastian Kite / Orbit, 2012, 5x variable sized custom kinetic rotors, 10x 200mw laser, 3m d suspended circular canvas, custom electronics

  • Sebastian Kite / Candescence, 2010, 4x loudspeakers, 4x weatherballoon incl. 3kw light and microphone, custom electronics

Sebastian Kite is a multidisciplinary artist who creates experiential environments to choreograph the sensory engagement of people with architectural spaces. His practice lies at the intersection of art and architecture, with a particular focus on site-specificity. Beginning with an analysis of the site, Kite uses structure, kinetics, light, projection and sound as strategies to illustrate new readings of space.

Now based in London, Kite graduated as an architect in from Glasgow School of Art and Westminster School of Architecture in 2010. Kite also has a background in music and has exhibited across London, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy and recently had a solo exhibition in New York. 

In 2010 Kite co-established Kite & Laslett, an art and design studio in London. Kite & Laslett have exhibited large-scale installations across Europe. Audiences have encountered their projects in sites such as prisons, railway stations, bunkers and warehouses. 


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Curriculum Vitae


2010 | Westminster School of Architecture, London, UK ­ M.Arch (1st)
2007 | Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK ­ B.Arch (Hons)


2014 | Chamber, Display Gallery, London, UK
2014 | Echelon, Solo Show, AC Institute, New York, USA
2013 | Lichtspiel, Solo Show, Import Projects, Berlin, Germany
2013 | The Conductor, w. Faye Toogood, London Design Festival, Established & Sons, London, UK
2012 | +¬0, Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
2012 | Confined, NEST, The Hague, The Netherlands,
2012 | Restructured, St.Georges Church, Bloomsbury, London, UK
2012 | platform79 ¬ the berlin project, Gerichtsgefängnis, Berlin, Germany
2012 | La Cura, w. Studio Toogood, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Milan, Italy
2011 | Enclosure, Solo Show, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK
2011 | Relay 'A Leap In The Dark', Taktal, Testbed1, London, UK
2010 | Contact, Kite & Laslett Studio, London, UK 
2010 | Candescence, Kite & Laslett Studio, London, UK
2010 | A Remote Lightscape, Spiller’s Millennium Mills, London, UK
2012 | In Situ, The Belfry, St.John on Bethnal Green, London, UK


Talks, Performances, and Screenings

2014 | Critic: Design Unit 18, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, UK 
2013 | Vestige, The Design Museum, London, UK
2013 | Ikono On Air Festival, Berlin, Germany
2013 | Critic: Design Unit 18, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, UK 
2013 | Critic: Design Unit 14, Bartlett School of Architecture, Kite & Laslett Studio, London, UK
2013 | Critic: Design Unit 14, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, UK
2013 | Artist Talk, “Site / Space / Sense”, South Kiosk ­ Vestige, Design Museum, London, UK
2013 | Artist Talk, “Lichtspiel”, Lichtspiel, Import­Projects, Berlin, Germany
2012 | Artist Talk, “New Works”, Westminster School of Architecture, London, UK
2012 | Artist Talk, “Panoptic”, platform79 ­ the berlin project, Berlin, Germany
2012 | Genius Loci, w. live choir interaction
2011 | Artist Talk, “Relay”, TAKTAL, TESTBED1, London, UK
2011 | Enclosure, w. live choir interaction, Testbed1
2011 | Relay, dance performance, Testbed1
2011 | Guest Speaker, Sounds Around, w. Mira Calix, Dartington International Summer School, UK
2011 | Artist Talk, “A Remote Lightscape”, Imagined Cities, Dainow&Dainow
2011 | Critic: Design Unit 14, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London
2011 | Critic: Design Studio 17, Westminster School of Architecture, London
2010 | Candescence, w. Musarc Choir, St. Bartholomew the Great, London, UK
2010 | Guest Speaker, MUSARC Field Studies, London Met. School of Architecture
2010 | Guest Speaker, Cultures Electronik ­ Musiques, w. Mira Calix, Rennes, France